What If I Told You That Life Has Two Categories?

I’d like to share with you some thoughts and ideas I have. If you nod in agreement with me that’s fantastic, and if you don’t agree with me, well that’s also ok, we’ll still be friends.

Life has two categories, what do I mean?

I believe in life, you either respond to the tests that life throws at you or you live life of discovery. Life tests us on a daily through obstacles and challenges. We find ourselves trying to find the right answers and the fear of not knowing and losing value torment us.
We all go through tests and trials, even the people who are living  a life of self-discovery. The difference with the people living a life of self-discovery is the way they respond to the test and the mindset before the test takes place.

What do you mean Lunga? You might be asking.

Well, a person living a life of self-discovery is living a designed life, meaning they know where they are, where they are going and most importantly they are ok with both. They don’t have to be right or to prove anything to anyone and they are ok because they have taken the time to discover their true self and potential.
Confidence in them is the cornerstone of their self-discovery. When they respond to life’s obstacles, they are not entirely focused on nailing the obstacles out of the park but rather to discover if they can apply what they have learned to the situation.
The mindset is on playing life’s game at the highest level, and only seeing opportunities to discover one’s potential and skill, rather than seeing obstacles. Bearing in mind the outcome is either a learning experience or a boost in self-discovery and self-confidence. 

Failing or winning
It’s all a shift of mindset and philosophy. From waking up like it’s an accident to no personal development plan and no goals. We then end up only responding to life instead of designing our lives.
Why am I stressing this? Well, because goals pull us through the toughest of times. The bible says that without vision people perish. If you don’t have a better picture of the future it’s easy to get swallowed by a bad day.
My advice to you as a self-improvement coach is that you take the time and identify the areas you would like to work on, understanding that taking on the call to work on yourself doesn’t mean you’re not enough, it simply means you want to make yourself attractive for the next opportunity. Besides, the best contribution you can make to your relationships is by working on yourself.

I encourage you to strive to live a life of self-discovery because we all have greatness within us. We all have Michael Jackson talent in something. No one can say that they don’t know how successful and great MJ was and that today he’s still regarded as the king of pop. Well, I believe we all have that greatness. You must discover it and it’s your responsibility to serve us with it.
A life of potential discovery will take you from a place of “what people are going to say?” or “what if they don’t like me?” into a place of, I owe it to myself to be the best version of myself. Besides, I like me, so why wouldn’t anyone like me and of course I will be ok if they don’t.
A life of self-discovery thrives on clear and pure intentions. The aim is to discover self-potential and pour it out in service to others.
Be intentional with the life you live.

If you believe there’s more to life than what you are currently experiencing, then believe that there is.

Your Self-Improvement Coach: Lunga Jakuja